An Atlanta Homer’s Guide To Fantasy Football


Roddy’s no longer a spring chicken, but there’s plenty left in the tank.

Fantasy Football is awesome. The Falcons are awesome. So, owning Falcons in fantasy football would be awesome, right? Well… hang on just a second. We’ve all played with (or been) that one crazy superfan who drafts everybody from one team, including their kicker several rounds too early, just to make sure they get him. Have you ever seen that person win the league? Nope, me neither.

Let’s take a look at the Falcons and see who is worth owning at what point in the draft.

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Sporting ATL’s Q&A With Roddy Jones


Roddy Jones has been one of Georgia Tech’s finest representatives both on and off the field.

Roderick “Roddy” Jones, II was a fan favorite running back at Georgia Tech who holds the record for most career starts (52) on the Flats. He ranks in the top fifteen in Jackets history in both career rushing yards (1,846) and rushing touchdowns (19). He made the ACC All-Academic Team three times, and he is set to join Brandon Gaudin in the booth this fall to call Tech football games on the radio. When Sporting ATL had the opportunity to catch up with him and talk about his football career and his foray into the broadcasting business, we were incredibly excited. Below you’ll find Roddy’s thoughts on his playing career, his new job, and his expectations for Tech this fall.

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Breakfast With Atlanta’s Favorite Sports Owner, Arthur Blank


Arthur Blank recently announced he would be hosting Atlanta’s elite in Buckhead for a special conversation of all things Falcons, MLS, and the new stadium. Well hot damn, the opportunity to listen to Uncle Arthur in my own neighborhood had me scrambling to call up my contacts with the Falcons’ front office for our press credentials to be mailed out ASAP. Regrettably, the automated female voice on the line still had yet to hear of, but she was very intent on selling me season tickets, a club suite, or a repeat of the menu. Undeterred, the Sporting ATL staff made its obligatory donation to Arthur’s charity and reserved a table. Follow me after the jump for a recap of the occasion.

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Hard Knocks Episode 3 Recap: Houston, We Have A Problem

The Falcons lost their overpaid left tackle against Houston. c/o Getty Images

The Falcons lost their overpaid left tackle against Houston. Getty Images

If you follow the Falcons with any regularity, you knew that Sam Baker tore his patella tendon against the Texans well before last night’s episode. What HBO’s cameras were able to reveal, however, showed more than any press release can describe. Baker and his teammates were emotionally distraught, and even Sam’s biggest critics must’ve felt bad for the guy. It’s hard to watch a veteran who’s worked so hard to ascend to his current position become irrelevant in the blink of an eye. That’s why they call it Hard Knocks, folks.

I would say that I can’t imagine what it’s like to be suddenly rendered useless at my job, but I’m writing this recap while hate-watching Ice Bucket Challenges instead of doing any semblance of real work. I feel for you, Sam.

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Georgia Tech Football: Previewing The A-Back Depth Chart

Synjyn Days leads the veteran group of A-Backs at Tech. c/o

Synjyn Days leads the veteran group of A-Backs at Tech. c/o

In any Paul Johnson-led offense, the A-Back position is crucial to picking up chunk yardage in the running game. The triple-option attack requires big gains out of these edge playmakers to make up for the lack of a proficient passing offense. During Johnson’s regime, the running game has flourished behind the likes of Anthony Allen, Roddy Jones, Orwin Smith, and Robert Godhigh at A-Back. I hate to say this, Jacket Nation, but those guys aren’t walking back through the door, and the current roster is made up of average players at the position.

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How The Braves Can Make A Playoff Push

Can the Braves hang another banner in 2014? c/o

Can the Braves hang another banner in 2014? c/o

Over the past several weeks, the Braves set an historical mark for most consecutive road losses in Atlanta history before taking two of three from the Nationals and sweeping the Oakland A’s.  Sandwiched in between those two great series was a lackluster one-for-four effort against the Dodgers. With the season entering the home stretch, I am left asking myself one question: WHAT CAN WE DO TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS???

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12 Suggestions (Some Real!) for What To Bring Into GT Games This Fall

Georgia Tech will allow season ticket holders to bring limited food and beverage into games this fall.

I am a Georgia Tech season ticket holder, and as such, I am the subject of the ticket office’s many marketing attempts focused on increasing attendance and ticket holder retention. This results in some pretty cool benefits. I would have been able to choose my seat on the field for a screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier on the Bobby Dodd Jumbotron if it hadn’t been raining. I did get to see the first scrimmage of fall camp from the exclusive donor seats. And now, I will be able to bring in food and drink items in a clear plastic tote supplied by the very ticket office that made sure I received a thorough pat-down before every game I attended as a student. As a paying a customer, apparently I have license to bring whatever ridiculous, inconvenient consumables I feel like. After the jump, I will provide recommendations for what you should bring in your tote, and give the ticket office some more marketing ideas, free of charge!

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Atlanta Sports Bars Reviewed: Taco Mac


Greetings Sporting ATL fans! With football season and October baseball almost upon us, I am going to take you on a journey around this sprawling metropolis known as Atlanta to find the answer to the most important question of our time, or at least the one I know you’re racking your brain over right now, causing you to yet again forget those damned TPS cover sheets. The question we will seek to answer is… “Where the hell am I going to drink some beer and watch the big game tonight?” Together, we are going to embark on this epic quest into some of Atlanta’s finest and downright dirtiest watering holes this side of ITP. Hell, someday we might even venture way out beyond the outer rim known as 285, as long as one of y’all ponies up for the $100 Uber fare. Follow me after the jump as we embark on this journey together.

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Q&A With Rivals’ Kelly Quinlan

Is Tech great Joe Ham, in his 2nd season as recruiting coordinator, propelling the Jackets' recruiting.

Is Joe Hamilton propelling the Jackets’ recruiting?

SportingATL was very fortunate to have Kelly Quinlan answer some questions on the state of the Jackets’ recruiting as well as an outlook on this year’s squad.  Kelly is the best in the business at covering potential future Jackets, and we are very fortunate to have him over at He is also a great follow on Twitter for the most up-to-date recruiting news.  Follow us after the jump as Kelly answers our questions!

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Hard Knocks Episode 2 Recap: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

There are no skeletons in Bryan Cox's closet. c/o

There are no skeletons in Bryan Cox’s closet.

I loved the first episode of Hard Knocks, which premiered last week to it’s usual high ratings and stellar social media reception. But I did have some nagging reservations— last week’s opening episode was almost a little too “classic” or “standard” Hard Knocks for me. I was nervous that the Falcons might be too boring, too whitebread and too unmarketable to really be the foundation for a great season of Hard Knocks. Once people saw past the slick editing and shook off the intoxicating, dulcet tones of Liev Schreiber’s voiceover, the Falcons could be revealed as a team with no personality.

My fears were destroyed more quickly and completely than Ricardo Allen’s balls in Episode 2. Let’s start from the end and work our way backwards; you can consider me the Christopher Nolan of Atlanta sports blogging, and this is my Memento (timely reference alert!). Continue after the jump to get my take on the episode.

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Tony Stewart’s Tragedy Needs Path Forward


Saturday’s tragic events should lead to changes in auto racing. c/o

Death and auto racing are no strangers. Our hometown Atlanta Motor Speedway saw its first casualty on Nov 12, 1984 when Terry Schoonover succumbed to his injuries following a wreck in turn two that deposited his car hard into the dirt burm in the infield. Grant Adcox met his untimely end on November 19, 1989 in a fire after hitting the wall in turn one.

This past weekend’s huge racing news complicates the issue quite a bit, in that we have had a death on the track that wasn’t due to injuries from a crash, rather because of tempers in what was almost certainly (hopefully) an accident.

As I’m sure you are familiar, unless the previous weekend was your bomb shelter training program, Tony Stewart was racing dirt track sprint-cars this weekend when his car got tangled with 20 year-old Kevin Ward’s. Ward got out of his car and began looking for Stewart. The rest is too depressing to recap. (But can be found here)

No amount of cell-phone camera footage will ever tell the full story of the incident. The legal system will assure that Tony will never tell you his full version of what happened. Higher powers assured that we will never hear Ward’s version. So, we just can’t know everything.  The continuing assertions that intent can definitively be determined are pointless and dangerous.

We can’t take action on this incident. We can only take action because of this incident, in the attempt to avoid such a horrendous thing from happening ever again. Follow me after the jump for what I believe should be done in the wake of this weekend’s tragic events.

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Saturday Soccer: Intriguing Rematch Tomorrow At Silverbacks Park

Silverbacks Park will get rowdy on Saturday for the rematch with the Cosmos.

Silverbacks Park will get rowdy on Saturday for the rematch with the Cosmos.

Atlanta has once again been voted atop Forbes’ list of most miserable sports cities, and while the Braves’ current slump has driven me to drink, I can’t help but laugh at the notion that our fan bases are miserable. Have these experts enjoyed a game from the top of the Chop House, drinking dirt-cheap keg beer while surrounded by Southern Belles? I doubt it. Have they felt the electricity in the Georgia Dome as Samuel L. Jackson encourages the 70,000 in attendance to “Rise Up?” Not likely. Have they witnessed the collective enthusiasm for Atlanta soccer at an Atlanta Silverbacks game with the Terminus Legion? No, but they will have another opportunity tomorrow night at 7PM, as the New York Cosmos come to town for a rematch of last year’s Soccer Bowl. After the jump, I’ll tell you why you should be there.

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Hard Knocks Episode 1 Recap: Rookies Be Fightin’!

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons

Ah, Hard Knocks. Hardy hardy Hard Knocks. I can’t believe that it’s back, and most of all, I can’t believe that it’s featuring MY team! No matter how many crusty old pundits (cough – Jeff Schultz – cough) trash-talked the “lame reality show” featuring the Falcons, when Hard Knocks comes on, everyone in the American sports world is watching. The players have so much character, energy and enthusiasm (other than Matt Ryan, of course), and the whole camp is filled with so much hope that the show becomes infectious. I could give two shits about the Bengals or Jets, but you know what? I watched every episode of those seasons of Hard Knocks, and you did too, evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this recap on a regional sports blog. I definitely do give two shits about Antonio Cromartie and how many of his kids are named after European capitals; that was one of the funniest pieces of televised unintentional humor I’ve ever seen, up there with this news story. That’s why I watch Hard Knocks.

So, what did we learn last night about Atlanta’s favorite team and players? Follow me as I give my strong takes on the first episode.  Continue reading